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Wooden Christmas Ornament Sets

Wooden Christmas Ornament Sets

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Looking for a fun, low mess craft for the kids this holiday season? These plain wooden ornaments are paintable and can be custom colored with markers or paints or glitter (if you're into that). When they are done decorating, go ahead and hang these on the low branches because they are wood not glass. They also make awesome gift tags for your neighbor or teacher gifts (if school is in session by then!) or put them in a frame to decorate a blank space on your wall.

Set of 6 'word' ornaments include red satin ribbon hangers and one each of: Faith, Hope, Love, Peace, Joy, and Noel.
Set of 12 assorted shapes include burlap twine PLUS a set of washable watercolors
Set of 6 laser cut shapes include burlap twine and wooden beads
Set of 12 laser cut shapes includes 2 sets of 6 shapes with twine & beads PLUS a set of washable watercolors (watercolor brand may vary from picture)

Word ornaments are about 2.75" x 4"
Shaped and laser cut ornaments vary by design averaging about 3"x3"

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