our story

our story

Welcome to the party!

We’re tickled pink that you stopped by.  I want to tell you a little bit about us and why we want to be your favorite celebration destination. 

Ready for the cliche?  It started in my childhood.  But really it did. I grew up in a big family (8! kids) in a great big house in the country, and I mean country since we lived in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming.  Since we had such a big house and a big yard, we almost always played host for BIG family events during the holidays and in the summers. 

I grew up watching my mom prep all these events with family coming in from all over and my Aunts and Grandma bringing their signature dishes filling the kitchen with the sounds of happy, busy work.  It was a proverbial beehive of activity and like any smart kids with a beehive, we sneaked tastes and ran before being stung. 

My parents often had dinner parties with their friends. We would be up in our rooms listening to all the laughter and wondering why they thought such boring things were so funny.  We loved to have friends over for birthdays, Halloween parties, and weekend sleepovers.  So, you might say that parties are just part of my DNA. 

I love to plan parties, to think of fun themes, to decorate everything just right, plan delicious menus, and mostly I love, love, love to make my guests feel special and welcome when they come to a party.

My husband and kids have learned that to be in my family is to be perpetually planning or executing or cleaning up after a party.  I swear after every party I slip into what my sister and I have dubbed ‘post-party depression’ so I almost immediately start thinking about what the next one will be. 

My 11 year old daughter has picked up the bug at a very young age too and she is often planning fun little parties and making lists for future parties.  Even my little guy is getting into the spirit.  After any party he goes to, every day for several weeks, he'll come up to me out the blue and say "we're going to the par-deee" with a big grin on his face.  It makes me happy to know my 'love of parties torch' will shine on.

We hope to inspire you to have more celebrations in your life because life is worth celebrating!  We want to provide you with the tools and supplies you need to pull them off with as little trouble as humanly possible.   So come home, and get ready to party like a flock star!

xoxo, Heather 



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