• Sweatah Weathah

    We’re expecting to see a few snowflakes this week and it makes me so anxious for the
    holidays.  I may or may not have started planning when to put up some Christmas trees.  I know,
    I know…it’s too early.  We haven’t even finished with Halloween and what about poor, lonely, and passed over Thanksgiving?  Here’s the thing.  I LOVE Christmas.  I mean really, really, really love it.  I decorate every room.  I put up more than a dozen trees of varying sizes and since I’m a confectioner I have to start making candy as soon as
    Thanksgiving is cleared away.  If I want to have time to relax and enjoy the season and feel any degree of peace during
    the holidays, I have to start early.  So, 4 trees are getting out of their boxes this week...In the midst of Halloween decorations, it’s like a little sneak peek of what’s to come and it makes me

    I love it! 
  • We have unique décor and gifts to suit just about all of your needs.   Check out our lovely metal or wooden ornament sets that double as craft projects for your kids.  Our Christmas pillow covers come in a variety of styles and add just the punch of holiday flare you’ll want for your furniture and don’t forget the fun stocking stuffers we carry like our teen spa kits, phone charger cable protectors or handmade jewelry sets. 

    Help me shop early 
  • We also have a wonderful memory making set for Christmas Eve that includes a velvet hanging for your front door with an attached magic key for Santa to use and reindeer food to guide them straight to
    your house. 

    Whether you wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate or like to start early like me, now is the time to order your decorations, gifts, and anything you might need for the holiday season.  All of our products are in house and ready to ship and we’re excited to help you come home and celebrate! 

    I'm ready for sparkle