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Stop & Smell the Flowers Planner

Stop & Smell the Flowers Planner

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Don't risk losing important memories and events with handheld electronic devices. These lovely little planners are just the right size to fit in your purse or baby bag for writing down the fun moments of your day and locking in reminders for future events (science has shown that wrting by hand improves your memory!). Since these planners aren't date specific, you can start using them in whatever month you want and even if you stop using it because life intervenes, you can just start up again with whichever month you are in then.

These would be great little baby books you can record momentous occasions of your kids including your personal thoughts and feelings and then gift to your children when they graduate. Or if you are interested in journaling your own life, these have just the right amount of space to jot down key events & major feelings each day and since you can organize them by year, they will be an amazing, easy to follow record of your life that's doesn't take tons of space to store.  And don't forget to make a note of all the parties you need to plan ;)

Journals begin with a yearly plan section, then moves into monthly pages with weekly pages in between and ends with about 15 2-sided lined pages for free note taking.

Measures 4.25" x 5.75" with a flexible (not paperback or hardback) cover and ribbon bookmark to save your spot.
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